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Quality feature change management

Your products undergo a multitude of changes during their lifecycle.

An increasingly agile market environment forces you to react quickly to changing product requirements. Such technical changes extend throughout the entire organisation of your company. Inefficient and stagnant processes are key cost drivers and can have a negative impact on on-time delivery and quality.

Many companies shy away from the effort of making precise and comprehensive preliminary change declarations. This can lead to high additional costs in downstream processes and slow down your entire organisation. JMBC supports you in developing methods and processes that enable your company to implement technical changes adequately and in a coordinated manner.

Communicate, analyse, act

Technical changes must not only be planned and implemented, they must also be communicated at an early stage and evaluated by all stakeholders in the value chain. Dependencies between product platforms, production processes or downstream logistics must be identified and included in the evaluation.

Raising potentials

Workflow-supported processes are already implemented in many companies but are often not established. We help you to analyse and harmonise existing ECM processes and tools and to anchor them in the organisation. We pick up the affected stakeholders, create awareness and introduce all involved parties to the methodology for a consistent engineering change management. In doing so, we consider all aspects and specifics of your organisation. Whether it is a global manufacturing network or the integration of external service providers, you benefit from our expertise and together we develop suitable solutions.

Unser Beitrag

Our contribution

We analyse existing ECM processes and methods, identify weaknesses, and jointly specify new requirements.

We mutually develop a target picture and work out methods and role concepts. 

We plan and implement the new methods and role concepts. 

We develop a training concept and train relevant key users in their roles.