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Product Lifecycle Management – Core Discipline for digitalized Companies

25.04.2023 | Reading Time:
For JMBC, Product Lifecycle Management includes the processes, methods, software solutions, and organizational structures along the product lifecycle – from product ideation to recycling. The information generated during the lifecycle forms the DNA of the value stream for manufacturers. Our goal is to make the flow of this information continuous and usable through digitization and process optimization. This enables us to initiate improvements that support profitability along the entire value stream and do not end at “silo boundaries.”

The process and technological renewal of your PLM ecosystem results in significant potential.

  • Minimization of information loss at the handover points between process participants
  • Quick and information-based decisions due to the high availability of relevant product data
  • Collaboration across functional, location, and company boundaries
  • Basis for simulation and virtual prototyping
  • Development of new IoT-based business models such as Products As a Service and Predictive Maintenance
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes through CAD/CAM
  • Manageability of high product variety through configurable products
  • Automated transfer and generation of data
  • Re-use of information and product components
  • Efficient fulfillment of compliance requirements
Changes along the product lifecycle usually affect a variety of processes, functions, and IT solutions. In addition, adjustments to work methods and sometimes a new understanding of traditional activities are required. Digitalization projects in the context of PLM are therefore characterized by high complexity. Furthermore, there is not “one” PLM software. PLM systems are rather a combination of individual, specialized software solutions such as PDM, ERP, and MES. PLM projects require a clear objective that gradually realizes the desired target architecture in sensible stages.

As JMBC, we support you in your PLM projects and are available as a sparring partner for your considerations.

You can find more information on our services in the Services section.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thomas Jäckel
PLM | Process Management

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