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Material Compliance



Societal requirement and corporate duty

Sustainability, especially with regard to environmental protection and health, is increasingly anchored in society’s consciousness.

Legislation is also setting an increasingly tight framework at international and national level, for example for the use of potentially hazardous substances in products. Examples of this are the REACH regulation or the updated Waste Framework Directive (SCIP database).

For you as a company, this trend is associated with growing requirements to meet legal requirements. At the same time, sustainability is increasingly becoming a competitive factor in light of social change. JMBC helps you to successfully implement legal material compliance requirements and strategic sustainability goals in your company.

Material compliance requires a new dimension of transparency

The legal requirements are constantly adapting to new findings. Material compliance is therefore a recurring challenge that requires constant monitoring of your products and their materials with the current legal requirements.

Depending on your position in the supply chain, the information required for this can hardly be provided without data from your suppliers. A complex and possibly volatile supplier network is a major hurdle here.

Systematic material compliance – manageable complexity

The effort required to comply with current and future information obligations regarding the substances contained in your products increases with the complexity and individuality of your product portfolio and the diversity of your supplier network. Together with you, we develop a material compliance strategy that anchors substance information in your process and system architecture sustainably, systematically and with the least possible effort.

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Our contribution

Risk exposure analysis of applicable requirements (REACH, RoHS, Waste Framework Directive/SCIP) for the product portfolio

Definition of short- and medium-term material compliance strategy

Advice on setting up the system and process architecture for sustainable material compliance

Support in the initial fulfilment of declaration obligations