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PLM Tools – Central backbone for your product data

Demanding customers, volatility and global competition characterize today’s market environment. Digital solutions are a key success factor to continue to offer complex products with a potentially high variance at a competitive price in the future.  


Modern PLM solutions offer you the possibility to map the complexity of your products in a targeted, efficient and value stream-oriented way, e.g., through BoM management, variant- and configuration management. 


PLM solutions are increasingly becoming an indispensable success factor in the industry – seamlessly synchronized data and process are required to turn your product knowledge into business value.

The tool is only part of the solution

The selection of a PLM software is a long-term decision with far-reaching consequences – A precise idea of your business strategy and digitalization needs to be defined in advance in order to implement the right scope of solutions.  


Due to its role as a central “backbone” for product data, the PLM system needs interfaces to authoring systems as well as downstream systems. The broad functional scope of most PLM solutions encounters architectures that have evolved over extensive time-periods and may require significant adaptions to ensure compatibility with the PLM-Solution. 


Product-centric working methods and increasingly data-driven processes require cross-functional collaboration, high data quality and special process discipline. This paradigm shift puts established ways of working to the test and requires a high degree of willingness to learn and change in your organization. 

The future PLM architecture – a long-term and momentous decision

The introduction of a PLM solution cannot be an isolated decision by the IT or the development department, but a strategic decision with consequences along the entire value stream. 

A clear target picture in advance, knowledge of one’s own business strategy, decision-making competence across functional silos and the willingness to change are imperative. 

Unser Beitrag

Our contribution

Together with you, we develop a target image for your PLM vision and communicate the expected contribution to your company’s success.

Based on your business strategy, we support the definition of the requirements for your future PLM architecture.

We support you in identifying and selecting the appropriate PLM solution and guide you through the bidding-process with your potential vendors.

Every PLM implementation is associated with risks and far-reaching changes. Together with you, we design and accompany the steps to successfully implement these changes in the organisation and to operationalize them sustainably.